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Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. uc san francisco researcher shinya yamanaka wins the nobel for his work in medicine. he is responsible for a major stem cell breakthrough. yamanaka got his news at his home in japan. he shares the honor with a british researcher. today his colleagues at the gladstone institute in san francisco held a video news conference. yamanaka discovered how to transform ordinary skin cells into stem cells. it could one day help scientists grow taylor-made replacement organs. yamanaka said he was thankful for all the support he has received in the bay area. the president of the institute calls it a real breakthrough. >> this is a revolution in biology. no one thought it worked this way. that turning a few switches, you could create such a profound change in the identity of the cell. and this swept the world. >> researchers say this discovery could help with alzheimer's disease, heart, brain, and retina care. so congratulations to the researcher. >>> well, warning for women about a popular bay area trail. more on that tear fight attack, next. >>> also, he is facing a life sentence in pr
Oct 8, 2012 11:00am PDT
he won the nobel prize in medicine from a discovery he started researching in 2006. shinya yamanaka conducted his research here and in japan. the president of the institute and other researchers held a video conference with yamanaka who is still in japan this morning. his prize is in medicine and for his discovery that human skin cells can be reprogrammed so they can take on the properties of any other cells of the body. it was kind of difficult to hear yamanaka this morning. he said he was thankful for all the support he's received here. >> i think i'm very lucky because i was able to join them 30 years ago. >> this was a revolution in biology. no one thought it worked this way. that with just turn ag few switches you could create such a profound change in the identity of the cell, and this swept the world. >> reporter: these are pictures given to us by ucsf this morning. the potential benefits, researchers say, include better drug discovery, tailoring of the right medicine to the right patient and improved regenerative medicine, particularly for the heart, the brain, the retina, e
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
-- shinya yamanaka and john gurdon. it is the first nobel prize to be announced this year. the physics award will be announced tuesday, tomorrow. chemistry will be announced wednesday. literature on thursday and then the nobel peace prize on friday. >> brilliant minds at work, love it. it is 6:12. if you're just waking up with us, we want to give you a quick check on the top stories. governor jerry brown signing an emergency order to try to deal with all the rising gas prices. this will make winter blend gasoline available three weeks ahead of schedule. the cheaper gas is less environmentally friendly but should increase the supply enough to hopefully bring those prices down. >>> president obama is in san francisco today for a quick appearance and fund-raiser. he'll be at the bill graham civic auditorium for a dinner and concert tonight. the event is sold out with the most expensive tickets selling for $7500. >>> an a vigil will be held tonight in hercules for a woman who was found dead inside her home friday. police say susie ko was killed by blunt force trauma. the family car
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3